Pop UP Cards!

Hello everyone!

Today’s art project video can be seen at this link, starting at 3 pm today! – Art out of Anything on FB.

I have provided a slideshow with some images of the project but you really need to see the video to get the whole idea 🙂

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Here is a link to an easy template for a Father’s Day gift/card that you can print out and make your own. I did this project for many years with my early childhood classes and it was always a big hit for kids and grownups.

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Click this link for tie template

At  AOOA we encourage the use of re purposed materials and recycling to create all of our projects. My message today includes a reminder that the important thing about making art, is the making part. No matter where you are or what supplies you have available, just keep creating!

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Making Paper Jewelry

oday’s project is much easier than it seems. The supplies are easy to find and you can embellish it any way you like. I will show you how I created a paper “locket”, but I’m sure you will come up with wonderful versions of your own paper jewelry.


Supplies – 

  • Paper – decorative paper , magazines, craft paper etc.
  • Cardboard – cereal box, pasta box, card stock
  • Glue – glue stick, white glue or Mod Podge
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • Necklace – a chain, length of yarn or something similar to complete the necklace

Special thanks to my grandson and daughter who graciously allowed me to use his image.

**keep in mind that if a child is wearing a necklace like this, it should be a jewelry chain. Not yarn or any other length of string that can be a choking hazard**


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I used different sized jars to cut out my circles. The same size circles for the photo, cardboard and decorative paper. A slightly larger one for the fringed backing.

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You can attach the bezel (loop) to the back of the locket or to the larger, fringed backing. Slip your chain through the open loop. All set! As you can see, I made a few of these 🙂


If you would like to see some of the jewelry I make using paper, glue and quite a few more things I find around the house, visit my etsy shop –  Pattemade

For the full project video, visit Art Out of Anything on Facebook.

Thanks for reading and keep creating!