MORE Halloween Art History Projects!

Basquiat Bats

Halloween Art History continues with bats adorned with images inspired by the works of artist Jean Michel Basquiat.

This is one of my favorite projects to share with younger students in grades K through 3. You can learn more about Basquiat and his work in this TEDed video -

Visit my YouTube channel to watch the whole project video –

Work in progress. Finding recurring elements in Basquiat’s work.
Inspired by the artist’s themes and colors.
Finished bats by 2nd grade students.
Supplies – royalty free images or your own, markers, crayons, paper.
Skills – color, portraits, color theory.


Our next artist spotlight for Halloween Art History is Andy Warhol. We’ll be making Warhol Witches inspired by Warhol’s celebrity silkscreen portraits and unique color palettes. This is a great project for introducing the color wheel, complimentary colors and more.

Here are some links where you can learn more about about Andy Warhol and Faber Birren, a scholar on color theory that Warhol referenced in his work.,pure%20color%20is%20more%20harmonious.&text=Birren%20color%20theory%20postulates%20that,warm%20colors%20than%20cool%20colors.

Watch the step by step project video at my YouTube channel –

Keep creating!


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