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Art Out of Anything is an arts program designed to engage everyone, in the process of creating art by using non-traditional and found materials. Each class focuses on a specific element of art or art technique. The experience is enhanced by adding a live music component to encourage mindfulness and focus, and music’s cognitive and sensory benefits.

Classes are designed for children and their adult companions, as well as individuals, classrooms and communities to provide each with a time and place where they can participate in a creative activity. At Art Out of Anything, we believe being present in the moment and working together to create a work of art provides each of our students with not just an arts education but also an experience and a memory that they will never forget.

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Art is everywhere!

Patty Eljaiek and Vince Scuderi

Resources –

PBS Parents – Importance of Music

PBS Parents – The Importance of Art

Patty Eljaiek is an artist, teaching artist, mom, abuela and arts activist. As chair of planning and programming for Westbury Arts, she has helped to establish a diverse portfolio of programs and events that incorporate visual arts, dance, music, poetry, and spoken word.  Whether teaching in a traditional classroom setting, a Gymboree play space or a professional development workshop, Patty has always encouraged her students to make connections by exploring concepts and participating in animated, entertaining conversations.  Her motto is – “Work with what you have”.

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Vince Scuderi is a professional musician with over 30 years of performing experience. He has organized spellbinding music industry seminars and delivered entertaining guest speaking engagements. After an extended run as Director of Music Services and Copyright at the music publishing division of  The Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization, he is now the leader of his very own, Out of the Box Big Band. This eclectic big band can be seen playing in and around the NYC area. Vince believes in the power of music to enlighten, empower and heal. He will be bringing his own special brand of live music performance to engage and inspire our families.

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